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They continue eastbound on the Rickenbacker Causeway toward Virginia Key.

Then we see intercut the Bolivian’s enforcers getting prepared and leaving Mendez’s house. This was filmed on the Venitian Islands at 37 East Rivo Alto Drive. Thanks to miamijimf at miamiviceonline for the nice picture of Mendez’s house as it appeared in February 2012.

We returns to the Rickenbacker where the van catches up to the Daytona and opens fire. Crockett decides the best idea is to drive by the machine gun at point blank range a second time.

Then Jake rams the van in the left lane (#1 lane). It cuts and they are still on the eastbound side of the causeway but the effect makes it look like they crossed to the westbound lane. The van pulls out of the beach parking and into a slow moving bus that is facing the wrong direction(westbound in the eastbound lanes) in the travel lane.

The Port of Miami is seen in the background.

Then it cuts and it appears Crockett and Tubbs are pulling up to the van. In reality this was filmed one month later and on the MacArthur Causeway not the Ricnbacker where the rest of the scene was filmed.  This is the stretch of road on Watson Island that we saw used briefly in Give A Little, Take A Little for the chase scene. They stop just past the third tree from Chalk’s Airline.

Then it cuts back to the Rickebacker Causeway where the shooters are neutralized.

Next we go to a restaurant where Rickles is eating. They had filmed Hoffman’s Cafe/Sex World as an establishing exterior shot but this was deleted last minute from the final product. The interior was filmed at the Barcelona Hotel on Collins Ave.

Then we head to Jake’s place. First we see Switek and Zito approach. They approach from the north turning from 8th Street onto Washington Avenue. They stop at the Royal Four Hotel. 758 Washington Avenue.

Then we go inside the room. The interior of Jake’s room was a set at Greenwich Studios.

We see Crocket and Tubbs walk out of the Royal Four Hotel and head south on Washington Ave. They stop at Tubbs’ Cadillac parked in front of 752 Washington Avenue.

Then we cut to the OCB interior (studio set) where the driver has already rolled over on Mendez.

Then we return to Crockett’s boat on Watson Island.

Jake hits Sonny with a sap and takes off in his boat.

We see Jake return to his hotel room at the Royal Four Hotel. The lobby was filmed on location but the room was filmed on the studio set.

We see Jake prepare for the meet in his room (set) while intercut we see Mendez and crew get ready for the meet. Also on set at Greenwich Studio.

Then we see the Vice Squad kick in Jake’s door but it is too late.

Then they go downstairs to the lobby of the Royal Four Hotel. Filmed on location. There they figure out the old man’s story and where he can be found.

Next we cut to a cemetery. This was filmed at the Lincoln Memorial Cemetery, 3001 NW 46th Street, Miami.

Then we see Crockett and Tubbs arrive at the surveillance van. This was filmed on Washington Avenue outside 1334 Washington Ave.

Goof: As Crockett and Tubbs arrive southbound on Washington Ave they pass a real cop stopping traffic for the filming.

The scene inside the van was shot back at Greenwich Studios.

Then we return to Lincoln Memorial Cemetery where Crockett goes in to find Mendez. It does not take long for the shooting to start. Jake fulfills his duty and the episode ends in the cemetery.









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MV 52 Beter Living Through Chemistry