57 DFTC Part 2 P2

         Miami Vice

        Episode 57

Down For The Count

            Part 2

            Page 2


The chase continues. We see them turn from westbound on SW 2nd Street to southbound on South Miami Avenue.

Then we see them southbound still on South Miami Avenue away from Flagler Street. They are north of where we just saw them heading south.

Then eastbound on SW 1st Street toward South Miami Avenue.

Then southbound on South Miami Avenue from SE 1st Street.

Then southbound on South Miami Avenue crossing Flagler Street.

Then southbound on South Miami Avenue passing SW 2nd Street.

The building seen on the right has been torn down and replaced with a parking garage.

Then they continue south over the South Miami Avenue Bridge over the Miami River.

Then we see them at the dead end of SW 6th Street by SW 1st Avenue. We have seen this location used in several episodes of Burn Notice. Episode 2, Identity where Michael shoots out the tires on the police car at the nightclub and episode 38, A Dark Road where they crash the cars here. We also see it used in All About The Benjamins for a rocket attack.

Then we see the remaining tail come off the South Miami Avenue Bridge.

Then we see the tail back on NE 21st Street pulling onto Biscayne Boulevard where the tail started.

Then it cuts back to C+T on SW 6th Street ready to go head to head.

Crockett enters into the curve and when he comes out the other side he is somehow northbound on SW 1st Avenue going onto South Miami Avenue northbound in the southbound lanes.

No guts no glory. They play chicken on South Miami Avenue.

Then we cut to the exterior of the OCB with a metro bus and pedestrian passing by. This is reused footage from Dutch Oven and was the 15th different footage of the exterior seen in the series.

Then we go inside the OCB (studio set) where they learn that Giulinni is in Miami and Burnett and Cooper are in danger.

Then we see Gina and Trudy return to the Opa-locka airport.

Then we go to Giulinni’s apartment. This was filmed on location at the Tiffany Condo. 10175 Collins Avenue, Bal Harbour.

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As seen in All About The Benjamins

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