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Next Silk arrives and goes inside the Checker Club.

The interior was filmed on location inside Club Z/Mansion. The Movie Chains of Gold with John Travolta also filmed here. In that movie we get an excellent view of the club which helped confirm the location.

Then we go downtown for a meeting. This was filmed under the Brickell Avenue Bridge on the north bank of the Miami River.

Looking toward camera. Opposite direction.

Then we cut to the interior of the OCB where Castillo calls Crockett who is outside the Checker Club. He orders him to bring Romano home. The OCB is of course a set.

Then we arrive at Ramano’s house. This was filmed at 41 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach. Commerce Street stretches out to the west behind them. Behind Crockett we see the south wall of the Ramrod. In my picture below (09/02/2008), Burn Notice was using the area where the Ramrod was for their trailers during the filming of episode 25/213; Bad Breaks.

Next we cut to the jail. A set at Greenwich Studios.

Intercut we see Vic inside his place.

Then we hit the streets again. Trudy is on the east side of Washington Avenue just north of 10th Street.

Then we cut briefly to the jail where Tubbs has bailed out Carla. This was filmed on set at the studio.

Then we see a brief exterior establishing shot of the Checker Club’s rear entrance at 1235 Collins Ct.

Before going inside, filmed on location inside Club Z.

Then they take it outside. They are about 15 yards north of the entrance door when Tubbs puts Silk against the wall.

Then we go inside the OCB (set).

Then we see Carla and Tubbs having dinner.

Location unknown.

Tubbs calls Castillo who is in his office (set).

Then we see Crockett pay a brief visit to Vic’s home where he picks up Vic. 41 Washington Avenue.

Then we see Leo in his limo at a college campus. In reality he is not on a college or university campus. He is at the front entrance of Greenwich Studios. Partially hidden in the dark background is the neighboring trailer park and Stage A where the OCB office was located. Also seen further back is Storer Communications, 12000 Biscayne Blvd. and it’s parking garage.

Limo was parked where the white SUV is parked in my picture from inside the studio’s front door.

Limo parked behind fence.

Intercut we see Silk on the phone with Leo. At first look it would appear to be also at the studio but after closer examination it was probably filmed on Collins Court near 13th Street. Location unknown.

Then we see Crockett,Tubbs, Vic, and Carla in a high rise. They are in the South East Financial Center at 200 S. Biscayne Blvd. The Bank of America tower is seen prominently in the background.

Then we go to Vic’s home where Leo has a hit on Crockett that fails.

Then we go back to the rear of the Checker Club before cutting back to Vic’s where Crockett gets a call about Leo’s location.

It cuts to Tubbs and Carla inside the Checker Club.

Filmed on location inside Club Z.

Then Crockett arrives where they have Leo pulled over. This was filmed in the same stretch of Washington Avenue just north of 10th Street. He arrives driving northbound.

Then we go to the rear of the Checker Club where they have a significant gun fight.

Goof: So who moved the shooter’s body after Crockett put him down?

Then we see Crockett and Tubbs doing paperwork. Location unknown.

Then we see Crockett and Tubbs northbound up Washington Avenue through the 1000 block where we see Carla come out of Frank’s Restaurant and go back to work. The episode ends here.




If you have information on any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org


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Forgive Us Our Debts.

It is during this scene we get a shot of the buildings across the street to the north that we saw earlier when Tubbs tackled the man outside the Ramrod. They filmed very carefully so with shots all around, they did not reveal that Vic lived adjacent to the Ramrod.

Earlier scene

Unique pattern

Windows broken out.

As seen in Chains of Gold

As seen in Chains of Gold


Travolta is in the same spot (above right) we see Sonny in capture (above left)  but Travolta is walking (in opposite direction) toward backdoor where Sonny would have entered.

55 Forgive Us Our Debts